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Modular Training Format

Modular functional safety training

Who is it intended for?

For students preferring to work at their own pace, and avoid committing to a full-scale multi-day course involving travel and accommodation costs, xSeriCon offers its most popular courses in an innovative modular format. Courses consist of several self-contained modules for personal study, each module covering about half a day of traditional classroom material. Modules can be purchased individually or in a set.

What is involved in xSeriCon’s modular training course?

The material in each module consists of reading, examples, exercises, tasks and additional materials. Some questions are intended for self-reflection, while others should be answered formally and returned by email to the designated tutor at xSeriCon for comment. Online support is available for any points that the student would like to discuss further. Where possible, students will be matched up with others studying the same module, to facilitate online group tasks and discussions.

Downloadable Samples of Modular Material

Courses available in modular format:

  • Introduction to HAZOP (7 modules)  Download course details
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (4 modules)  Download course details
  • Control Systems HAZOP (CHAZOP), a deep dive (4 modules)  Download course details
  • SIL assessment (4 modules)
  • SIL verification (5 modules)
  • Alarm management per ISA 18.2 / IEC 62682 (4 modules)
  • COMAH Safety Case (4 modules)

Please enquire if your preferred topic is not listed above, as new courses are under development.