Just released: xSeriCon’s brand new textbook
Functional Safety from Scratch

Book front cover

The complete guide to practical implementation of functional safety in process industry applications

Packed with practical insights and tips, this book covers the entire functional safety lifecycle according to IEC 61511:2016, including risk analysis, SIL assessment, SIS design, how to develop a Safety Requirements Specification, SIL verification, functional safety assessment, SIS operations, and more.

As well as providing guidance for functional safety practitioners, it's a great training resource for those who are new to the field. Coaching tips for functional safety examinations such as TÜV FS and CFSP/CFSE are included, as well as over 100 exercises with answers and explanations.

The book includes extensive practical coverage of topics that often cause confusion in the industry, including SIL assessment of special cases, preparation of the Functional Safety Management Plan and Safety Manual, verification, validation, Functional Safety Assessment, and Functional Safety audit.

This all-new textbook was published in March 2023 and is available in e-book and paperback. Order it direct from the publisher here. If you’re in Taiwan, you can also order the paperback version at a special price here.

About the book
Title Functional Safety from Scratch
Author Peter Clarke PhD CFSE
Pages 354
Publication date   2023
Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 978-0-443-15230-6 (paperback), 978-0-443-15231-3 (e-book)
Format Paperback and e-book
Price Click here for purchasing details