SILability®, our SIL verification software

Introduction to SILability

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What does SILability do?

SILability is a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification tool from xSeriCon. It performs calculations to assess whether the basic design of a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) meets its integrity target in terms of random hardware failures.

The calculation produces:

  • PFDavg (average probability of failure on demand) or PFH (probability of failure per hour)
  • Maximum SIL achieved based on PFDavg/PFH
  • Maximum SIL achieved based on architectural constraints
  • Safe failure fraction
  • PFDavg/PFH contribution of each individual element in the SIF
  • Mean Time To Fail Spurious (MTTFS)

  • SILability is easy to set up and install, with both Windows and MacOS versions available.

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    Why choose SILability?

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    Want to know more?

  • Contact us. We’ll guide you through any questions about SILability.
  • Download the User Guide and check the extensive FAQ section there.
  • Watch our introductory video on YouTube.
  • Request a free trial license.